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Our Vision & Mission

SAIARD Centre for River Affairs, A Policy Think Tank, is dedicated to preserving and revitalizing river ecosystems through cognitive research, scientific excellence, community engagement, and informed policy interventions to make our rivers ecologically resilient, culturally cherished, sustainably flourished and provide equitable benefits to both nature and society.

River Security

Protecting river from any kind of unscientific anthropogenic practices & assure its security

River Economy

Designing sustainable economic plan for the development of livelihood of the riverine people

River Rejuvenation

Restoration of river health through the application of river rejuvenation model scientifically

River & SDGs

Channelized all the activities and workflow of CRA to meet the goals of SDGs

River Education

Initiatives to establish rivers as a subject from school level to university curricula

River Policy

Designing policies and white papers to change our attitudes towards this valuable natural resource


SAIARD-CRA is working as a Regional Capacity Building Centre of National Mission for Clean Ganga, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India in Eastern Region of India on Integrated River Basin Management with focus on Geospatial Technology in Riverine Ecosystem after signing an MoU with NMCG on September 1, 2021 at NMCG, New Delhi


A river has some multi-dimensional characteristics. It is not just a channelized flow of water, but an important source of human civilization.  Though we have focused on these various river related issues separately like its channel morphometry, water, soil, landscape, agriculture, hazards etc. but we didn’t connect them altogether; we didn’t consider this valuable natural resource in a holistic manner. That is why this major subject is still now remaining as an untold story to us and we are only focused to extract resources from river rather than give it back. May be due to this reason, still there is no river related study center yet has been developed in any university. Therefore, to consider its various importance we believe that CRA has a wide prospect to dealt with these various dimensions of river as well in case of policy advocacy through various international collaborations.

The Founder

Irrespective of all countries, the river is one of the most neglected parts of policy-related issues. Though the major focus of all of them is on the bigger one, but we forget to take care of its other feeding channels. Besides that, our due negligence, lack of knowledge and understanding, and overall, unscientific activities, not only help them to reach at the dying condition but, in the opposite, create some devastating situations when it reverts back. Some past and present examples, like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Chennai, etc., of river-people interactions are, I think, quite enough to justify my words. 

The time has come to raise our voice for the river. We need to stand up on a single platform to think about it differently, to design our river-centric policy, to rejuvenate all small & big channels and to start dialogue at global level.

With all these aspects, SAIARD through its Center for River Affairs (CRA) and the GLOBAL RIVER ALLIANCE aims to bring all the policy and decision makers, stakeholders, and river researchers together on a single platform to start discussion and thinking about this valuable natural resource. As a river lover, I heartily welcome you to be a part of it & to spread this message at a global level.

Let’s unite for the sake of mankind.

Biswajit Roy Chowdhury, Chairperson, SAIARD


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