About CRA

Rivers are considered as the lifeline of any civilization. It’s not only denote a geomorphic entity but an important ecological system on which the sustainability of modern society is dependent. Not only that, it is an international figure which determines the framework of correlation of between the intentional countries as well as helps to maintain the socio-economic balance through its various outreach modes like, trade, tourism, agriculture etc. But in spite of its pivotal role, the understanding of large river systems and appreciation of their multidimensional nature is still fragmentary. As a result, most of the rivers of the world are now going through a crisis mode due to the impact of various anthropogenic activities. The Centre for River Affairs (CRA), the first River based Think Tank Centre of world, has been developed under SAIARD, with a vision to highlight these various issues related to the river in front of the world as well as to support govt. in case of policy framing and also to connect this subject in our regular education system.

CRA Divisions


B Roy Chowdhury

Founder Chairman & Director

River Policy & Planning chairman.saiard@gmail.com

Dr Aparna Bera

Research Director, SAIARD

Climate Change Expert saiardcra@gmail.com

Dr. S.P. Sahoo

Research Professor, SAIARD

River Hydrology & Hydrodynamics drsahoo.iigst@gmail.com

Mr. Kankana Seal

Research Professor, SAIARD

Water Resource Expert ks.saiardcra@gmail.com

Dr. Simi Mishra

Executive Director

SDGs Strategies Expert edsdg.saiard@gmail.com

Dr S. banerjee

Research Professor, SAIARD

Urban Planning Expert saiardcra@gmail.com

Mr. Saurav

Associate Fellow, SAIARD

River Economy & Policy Expert saiardcra@gmail.com

Mr. Sunil pathak

Associate Fellow, SAIARD

Tourism Management Expert saiardcra@gmail.com

Mr. R. R. Mishra, IAS

Former DG, NMCG, MoJS, Govt of India

Mentor Advisor

Mr. Sourav Daspatnaik

MD, Swach Environment Pvt. Ltd.

Senior Advisor

Prof. P. Narangoda

Prof. Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka

Senior Advisor

Prof. S. Sharmin

Prof. University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Senior Advisor

Mr. Yashwant Deval

Area Director -India and Bangladesh, Riverrecycle Ltd, Finland

Senior Advisor

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