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International River Congress

SAIARD through its Centre for River Affairs, firstly had started International River Congress in Kolkata in collaboration with several national and international organizations. The 2nd IRC was held in Nepal and the 3rd IRC is going to be held in Sri Lanka on 1 - 2 Nov, 2024

International Delta Summit

To explore the possibilities & potentialities of river delta, to address the climate change issues in the delta region & its livelihood and to bring the stakeholders and policy makers in a single platform, SAIARD-CRA has organized the International delta Summit in Kolkata where both the Govt. and Non-Govt. organisations, International bodies, Embassies had joined and share their thoughts for sustainable development of delta region.

River & SDGs : Policy Dialogue

River & SDGs, is a brain child of SAIARD-CRA has been designed as a policy dialogue with an objective to incorporate river into the part of basic policy framework.

Connecting Youth with the Lifeline of Civilisation

Youth River Parliament

YRP, is a brain child of SAIARD-CRA has been designed with an objective to connect youth with the lifeline of our civilization with a vision to change their attitude towards river from the very beginning of their life.

Touch the Riverine Legacy

River Expedition at Chandannagar

Welcome to participate in a river expedition at Chandannagar, a riverine township bearing a colonial legacy with some unique cultural identity. The Centre for River Affairs of SAIARD is going to organise a one day field trip to Chandannagar on January 6, 2024, from 10 a.m. onwards to explore the city and its riverine culture.

We are inviting participants from different academic institutions to be part of it and to enjoy this geospatial study of the Ganga ..

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