River Informatics Lab

River Informatics Lab

CRA-River Informatics Lab is a specialized research facility focused on the comprehensive study and analysis of river ecosystems through the integration of data science, geospatial technology, and hydrological research. This lab serves as a hub for collecting, processing, and interpreting a wide range of data related to rivers and their surrounding environments.

Equipped with advanced technologies such as remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), satellite imagery, and hydrological modeling software, the lab plays a vital role in monitoring and understanding the health, dynamics, and challenges faced by rivers. Researchers and experts at the River Informatics Lab collaborate to gather real-time and historical data about river flow, water quality, sediment transport, aquatic habitats, and more. Through data-driven insights, the lab contributes to informed decision-making in river management, conservation, and policy formulation. It aids in identifying trends, predicting potential environmental changes, and designing strategies for sustainable river development. Moreover, the lab's work has applications in flood forecasting, water resource allocation, ecological restoration, and disaster mitigation efforts.

The River Informatics Lab acts as a bridge between scientific research and practical solutions, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration among hydrologists, ecologists, geographers, and policymakers. By harnessing the power of information and technology, this lab contributes significantly to the preservation and effective management of river ecosystems for the benefit of both nature and societ

Building Network through Collaboration

CRA believes in long term collaboration with its stakeholders in case of any kind of project related support. We invites stakeholders to join hands to develop their project parts through its RI lab. Send your requirements with all details in this given mail id ...

RIL Services

The River Informatics Lab offers a comprehensive range of services that leverage advanced technologies and data analysis techniques to address various aspects of river ecosystems. Some of the key services provided by the lab include:

Delta Catalogue

Delta Catalogue, an unique initiative of SAIARD Centre for River Affairs where more than 30 major river deltas in the world will be displayed in a single frame


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